ROPEX®  the Original Formula for More Semen Production

Men’s interest in having more semen volume has increased considerably over the past decade as more men are discovering that orgasm intensity is directly related to the amount of semen released.

ROPEX® is the premier natural brand for making more semen production on the world market today. Its formulation was developed in Sweden over 5 decades ago and enjoyed by millions of European and Asian men prior to its introduction on the US market over 15 years ago. There are many brands today that have been created to meet the ever increasing demand for the production by men of more semen however none have been able to duplicate Ropex’s original formulation which contains the all-natural botanical seed extract Pollexil™.

Key Benefits Provided By ROPEX®
  • More intense ejaculatory contractions
  • Increased volume of released ejaculate creating the “ropes” effect
  • Faster recovery for second orgasms
  • Improved semen quality
  • More satisfying orgasms due to increased contractions and ejaculate
  • Relief of prostatitis and BPH conditions
  • Improvement of Erectile Dysfunction symptoms caused by diabetes
  • •Enhanced sexual well being and vitality

What ROPEX® Users Have to Say:
I find that Ropex does exactly what is advertised. I am a happy repeat customer. Ropex truly provides incredible, “lightning bolt” contractions and the ejaculate really does come in “ropes” of thick cream. The ecstasy knocks my socks off. I’ve never had sex that felt better, and I’m 54.
Eddie T.
Woodbridge, VA

I am very pleased with the results of taking Ropex. It has truly increased the pleasure I feel during climax as well as the length of my climax. The amount of my ejaculation has also increased. I have tried many semen supplements in the past and this is the first to produce such significant results.
Jim L.
Orlando, FL

More Customer Feedback
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Ropex, The Original Formula for More Semen Production™.